SR22 sighting and more

Walking the ramp at Sarasota today and there was an SR22, N722CD, sitting there with the pilot’s door open! I didn’t climb in, but did about everything else, when here came the owner.

What a great guy! This is the second 22 off the line, he has had it five days, it has 27 hours already. He was effusive in his praise, and with a good basis, his last plane was an SR20. He says the book is quite conservative, he says 180 knots in the book is 189 knots in his plane and 1400fpm in the book is 2500fpm in his plane.

He’s not thrilled with the ARNAV, but said something that makes a lot of sense: Garmin should be along shortly with an MFD of their own which should be perfect for the SR2X. If so, surely CD would pay close attention.

As it happens, he is also the pilot who took the SR20 in in Thomasville a few weeks ago. He said the engine made a big hole in itself but the final results of the teardown were not in yet.

Anyhow, it was a memorable afternoon. My original errand never got done.