I have noyiced that the sr22 does the speed as posted in specs if not beter. Acording to owners.But my SR20 is lucky to do 155 5 knots below specs. And I know that most planes are tested under perfect conditions with perfect pilots. But all the plane makers do this my other airplanes same same but they were older.So figured that was why.So for now on I guess 160 means 150 to 155 and a 182 neans 140 will be 135. Just that this has always troubled me. Anyonwe have an opinion or does anyone ever get 160 on there SR20 And I mean true airspeed .I think one day I will try the go one way then the other. Also what has any one found to be the best Altitude for speed. I used to figure 8000 in my trinidad tb20. I guess 5 or 10 knots is no real big deal I just wish when the plane builders send the specs they would just take 5 knots off From Don

Don, under ideal conditions we are running 5-7 knots short of 160 TAS. That has been our only
disappointment with the SR20. Everything else about the aircraft is more than we expected. It’s a keeper!

Don et al:

If you check the SR20 POH performance tables, they clearly state that at 75% power, i.e. 2500 rpm and 24-25" mp in standard conditions, 151-155 KTAS is exactly what is expected at 2000-6000 feet. The SR20 that I fly gives numbers consistent with the POH, and yours apparently do too. Only at 2700 rpm and/or altitudes of 6000-10000 feet does one expect to realize 160+ KTAS. So the SR20 in fact does deliver its promised performance, if one wishes to cruise for hours at 2700 rpm (not me, thanks).

Best wishes for happy and safe flying in 2002! Kevin

We get about 158 ktas at 2700 rpm at 8000 with light load.


I went out today and went up to 7500 and ran at 2500 max manifold and was doing 147 knots kicked it up 2700 rpm and got another 9 knots it does seem to run alot harder but it does do very close to the performance chart.Thanks to all for there post . From Don

Yes I do agree the sr20 is so comortable>A little extra time flying on most trips or flights. Does not mater. And yes it is very much akeeper. I was just wondering if my airplane was normal with the rest. According to you mine is exatly the same performance. Thanks from Don

Why wouldn’t you fly for hours at 2700?? Is it because of the extra/inefficient fule burn…OR …is there something dangerous about 2700 being someone’s cruise??

I just personally don’t like the extra fuel burn and noise. So far as I know, the engine is rated to TBO at max power/rpm, so in principle there shouldn’t be anything dangerous or unwise about doing this so long as other engine parameters–e.g., CHTs, oil temps–are managed appropriately.

that is how I understood it to be

But above 8000ft at 2700rpm the engine won’t develop more than 75% power, so it’s not working any harder than it is at 2500rpm at lower altitudes - there is a little extra noise at 2700 rather than 2500, but it’s not a lot, and the fuel burn is no higher (if you lean correctly) than at 2500/75%. And the air is thinner…

Thats great within 2 knots how many hours on your sr20 From Don

A little over 100 hours. We also found that our aiplane is out of rig from the factory. We may pickup that 2 knots… we’ll see though.

How did you figure that out and is it hard to get fixed. What was your clue willl it be done at cirrus or elsewere. From Don

The main culprit was the autopilot. It isn’t working properly and won’t track in nav mode. The other indications were the aileron manual trim tab was bent very high up by Cirrus when we took delivery (to try to fix the autopilot problem which they didn’t). We also noticed it seemed harder to move the yoke in one direction. After putting it all together and talking to Cirrus, we found the airplane was out or rig.

Sorry for the question, but what means “the aircraft is out of rig”?
Also, what autopilot problem in particular do you have?