SR22 Oil temperature

The oil temperature on my SR22 seems to run consistently at the higher end of the scale, between 200-210 degrees C. The good thing is that it never varies much either in the climb or in level flight and regardless of OAT or altitude. This is a real pleasure after the SR20 which we all know needs careful handling in the climb on a hot day.
On the other hand the CHT is consistently at the low end of the scale, never above 300 degrees C. and it soon drops of the gauge on the approach if you pull the power back too quickly which worries me about shock cooling. Can other SR22 owners tell me if they are showing similar temperatures

I too find my oil temps very consistently in the 190-210 degree range, with 200 by far and away the most common indication.

CHT’s (with the ARNAV multi-point engine monitoring) are usually just north of 300. Actually the high cylinder is usually about 320 and the cool in the 280-290 range. The highest I’ve seen on any cylinder, even in climb on a hot Florida day was 360.


We aslo see 200 degress in almost any circustance. Very steady.

Same as other posts - 210 oil temp; ~280 - 320 CHT.