SR22 lost Dec 2009

Just ran across this NTSB report. Sad event.

Indeed, a sad, and somewhat mysterious accident.

As this post is on the public Guest forum, let me encourage any Cirrus pilot to join COPA as a member and participate in an extensive discussion of this and other accidents. The thread, Cirrus fatal #57 in SR22 N723LJ near St. Petersburg, FL (was COPA Member Missing in Florida), has over a hundred replies exploring many aspects of flight safety. Also, see the special offer of a complimentary copy of the annual safety issue of Cirrus Pilot magazine.

Furthermore, COPA members learn from these discussions. The fatal accident statistics reveal that COPA members have been involved in far fewer accidents than non-members, at a rate about one quarter that of non-members.

The COPA community is focused on safety but also contributes our love of flying to worthwhile efforts. There are several fascinating stories playing out now with COPA members involved in humanitarian and medical aid to Haiti. See the member-only threads Stuff I wish I had in Haiti right now and McGlaughlin/COPA Contributions for Haiti.


Safety Liaison and CPPP Chair
Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association