Seeking any insights about accident report

My brother-in-law John Serocki was the pilot in a fatal crash in San Diego on 2/21/2018

The NTSB just issued this factual report

A friend who is a pilot pointed me to COPA. Thanks in advance for any insights on the report.

-Best regards, Anne Holler


My personal condolences. I was John’s transition instructor in Duluth for either his first or second Cirrus, then enjoyed his company again in Knoxville.

There has been extensive discussion on COPA about this incident. The best (only) way to access the content is to become a member ($65).

If there is anything I can help with or answer personally, please feel free to contact me.

Tom Donaldson


Very sorry for your loss.

As Tom mentioned there is an extensive thread on the member side. It is only accessible by members, but if you decide to spend the 65 bucks on the membership here is a link you can use to find it

There are quite a few that have followed, commented or analyzed it. Many could be wrong as they lacked data that is now available from the report.

Hi, Tom,

Thank you very much for response! I greatly appreciate your kind words and the pointer to the COPA discussion.

I’ll plan to proceed to becoming a member.

-Best regards, Anne

Hi, Roger, Thank you very much for the link. Really appreciate it. Anne