SR20 and SR22 POH now available online

The Pilot Operating Handbooks for the SR20 and SR22 are now available online at the Cirrus Design web site ( Just click on the “AIRCRAFT” button at the upper left of the site’s window. You’ll see links for “SR20 POH” and “SR22 POH.”

Since the files are in PDF format (free reader available from Adobe — here), they’re fully searchable — which will be a great help at those times when we find ourselves wondering “Now, where in the POH does it mention…?”

Kudos to Cirrus for making these available!

Anyone know why the links to the POH’s don’t work anymore…only the revisions? I’m going to pick up my SR22 today, and need the wingspan to arrange a hangar. I think it’s 38’ 4".

Still, I’d like to have the on-line version as well as the paper.

Wingspan is 38’ 4" and length is 26 ft. I don’t think cirrus makes the manuals available for download any more. If you send me your email address I will send you the most recent one I have (Rev 10).

Ron, Could you kindly send me the digital version of the POH for SR20? Thank you, Michael

Sorry, I don’t have an SR20 version.


It appears that the ENTIRE POH is no longer available for download (the links are not clickable) however, you can download the revisions.

From the Cirrus publications page available HERE

Notice regarding Pilot’s Operating Handbook Revisions:
Pilot’s Operating Handbook revisions are available for downloading via this webpage at no cost. POH revisions should be printed double-sided on Statement sized paper (5.5”. x 8.5") and 7-holed punched. In addition, printed revisions can be purchased - at cost - via the link below. Please note, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the POH is current at all times. Therefore, it is important that POH revisions be properly incorporated into the POH as soon as possible after distribution.

Hello Ron,

I am in the process of buying an SR22 and should close in about 2 weeks. If the offer is still out there, would you mind sharing your soft copy POH. My email is

The POH’s still appear to be on cirrus tech pubs site:

Try Google - I think that’s how I found this one for my airplane.
SR22 POH Sep 2011.pdf (8.05 MB)

Become a member (for free) at and find the POH and a wealth of more information.

Cirrus has had a couple of revisions to their Study Guides for the SR22. I use Study Guide preciscely as that is what a book about an airplane is until it is “personalized” to an individual aircraft usually by adding the weight and balance sheet to the book by the manufacture. There is a POH with two revision prior to 2013 and then Cirrus issued a Revsion A. There was confusion as to whether older SR22’s had to by the new book but this was not true - the book that comes with the airframe is the POH for the aircraft for the life of the aircraft. There are then revisions to the Rev. A on the Cirrus website that can and should be downloaded.