SR22 for Rent!

I recently took a demo flight in both the 20 and 22 and I was absolutely blown away. I gotta have one!

There are really only 2 and maybe soon 3 ways to make aircraft ownership affordable. Partnership, lease-back and now fractional ownership may be catching on. Although the 22 is a real slippery race horse with advanced avionics and a slightly unconventional landing attitude, I wondered if an SR22 on lease-back would work.

Certainly there would be plenty of interest. But how high would the pilot minimums need to be to prevent an accident, poor care of the aircraft and yet rent enough to cover it’s expenses?

Some have said 300 hrs total time, 100 hrs. high performance and an IFR ticket. This seems rather high, as even I wouldn’t qualify (assuming no owner benefits were established) but maybe not?

In Seattle, San Diego, San Jose and Atlanta at some of the better known fractional companies, pilot minimums have been set from 150 TT to 300 TT but rarely a high performance prerequisite and other than in San Jose - no IFR required.

The one thing that everyone agrees upon is 10 hrs. make and model which amounts to the satisfactory accomplishment of the Cirrus check out safety course.

I put the question out there to the other Cirrus lovers… Would an SR22 rent at KSMO or KVNY? and if so where would you set pilot minimums? and while we’re at it…how much?