Cirrus lease.

I am throwing this out to see whats out there. I am a student pilot with about 75 hours of training. I have a high time instructor who is also a instructor for delta. I am lokking to lease a sr 20 or 22 for a few months to complete my training. I have had a lot of contact with Gary Black over the last six months and thought I would see what this would bring me. I would be willing to send my instructor to get cirrus certified and whatever else you would need me to do. Fell free to give me a call at 612-328-3860. Thanks Tony

Tony, you cannot truly complete your Cirrus training until you join COPA and read every post . . . well, most every post.

More will be learned from the experiences of other Cirrus pilots than can be learned in the cockpit. BTW, there are in excess of 1/2 million posts, so there’s alot of learnin’ to do.


I would guess that most owners would not be interested in this unless their bird was already on rental or a leaseback agreement. Hell, other than the factory pilots, I am the only person to have flown my plane over the last 10 years…that way I know who is to blame for any problems caused by the pilot! Good luck on your search, there may be some who would be interested.

BTW, I bought my plane from Gary in 2002 and thought he was a great guy and strait shooter, and I am sure he is better plugged into the market than I am.

I echo Dennis’ comment to join COPA if you are even remotely interested in general aviation safety or Cirrus in particular…less than an hours fuel cost and more information than you could imagine.