SR22 fabric seats

Has anyone seen or received the fabric seat in the SR22. Any comments would be appreciated. I have to choose soon.

Good question. I would prefer all leather, but I am worried about the ouch factor in a hotter environment.

Walt N224AZ

I am the owner of 297TP (#1134) C package, and made the choice of fabric over the leather. Reasons were comfort in all temperatures, will not crack or break down as quickly. We also are using the plane as a lease back, allowing other pilots to fly and fabric seemed the best choice. We have been in the cold climates of the Duluth and Seattle area and the warm temperatures of Las Vegas and the seats were comfortable in all those temperatures. Yes, they are not the fancy leather, but they hopefully will wear better, and replace easier than the leather. So far I have been happy with them. Any other questions just e-mail me. Wally Donion

I saw a 22 over in Manchester, NH a few weeks ago with the dark grey leather and fabric. I was not impressed with the fabric. If it was a high quality wool it would bne very impressive. I am sticking with the shadow grey all leather.