leather seats

Are the photos of the new grey leather seats in the sr20 in the photo-section of COPA the dove grey or shadow grey?
I need to choose very soon.


According to the filenames of the picture files that Dan sent me, the one on the pix site of the new SR20 interior is “Shadow Grey”.

Actually he sent me a pic of a “Dove Grey” seat, but JUST the seat sitting on top of some boxes - not inside an airplane. I’ll post that picture now, too, in the same section of the main COPA site, so that you can see both.

Steve (with thanks to Dan Y for sending me the pics, which were actually taken by some folks at Cirrus, so thanks to them too!)

While unrelated to your question, I thought I’d share with the group how comfortable I find the seats in our SR20. We have the leather option and have found the seats very comfortable. Of course, I’m coming from a 1977 172 so…