SR21tdi Cirrus Turbo-Diesel

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Cirrus Design to develop turbo-diesel aircraft

May 3 — Cirrus Design Corporation and SMA, a European company offering a diesel engine for small aircraft, announced at a German airshow last week that Cirrus Design will place an SMA diesel engine on a future Cirrus SR-series aircraft. The engine uses Jet A fuel, which is less expensive and more widely available that 100LL and other traditional aviation fuels. The four-seat aircraft will be a derivative of the new Cirrus SR22 and is tentatively dubbed the SR21tdi. Cirrus President Alan Klapmeier said the SR21tdi would initially be developed for European customers. Specifications will not be complete for several months. However, Cirrus has a performance goal of 170 knots at 12,000 feet using the diesel. Cirrus has begun accepting production reservations for the diesel-equipped aircraft.