Any news about this plane?

I had a meeting in Cirrus - Duluth with Ian Bentley last Feb. 28th on Cirrus SR21 because as European (Italy SR order older I’m interested on “diesel” engine.
Take good 85% of this because my english aren’t so good to confirm 100% of what he says.
Mr. Bentley sayd me that their are thinkink to produce it but: SMA engines (turbo) is certified actually until 12.000 feet (!). Not so much for a turbo engine that usually it is choiced to fly high!
He told me that when SMA company will delivery real working engines (with high ceiling) they will re-start the development of this version. I’ll change in case my order on it immediately, but only if SMA will show clearly and not smokly like they did until now and Cirrus will offer these aircraft after a good certified and satisfactoy test.
Unfortunately for european owner/pilots, I think we will pay high price for 100LL stil for long time.