SR20 Starter Adapter

In the process of replacing or rebuilding starter adapter on 2011 SR20 with A/C. Apparently it’s an uncommon adapter due to the A/C and I’m having a hard time finding one. Anyone have any suggestions on where I can find one? Quality Aircraft says they don’t have an exchange and mine needs a new shaft and they don’t have one. I can’t believe this is such a difficult piece to find. I appreciate any insight. Thanks

Try Niagara.

+1 Niagara is great, they shipped me one (for my SR22) as my adapter was starting to wear in Reykjavik and I had it in 3 days, for something like $100 shipping.

Thanks guys! I’ll give them a call tomorrow. I assume they can see which one I need by serial number?

Be forewarned - When you send your old adapter back to get your “core charge” refunded, Niagra will keep your adapter and claim its value is zero so you won’t get your core charge back. Meanwhile, they’ll keep your old adapter.

Just assume your core charge will be lost when you get a quote from them.

GN in Indiana. Quick turn and great service.

Don’t “overhaul”, but “IRAN”

Thanks Scott. Could you share more info on “GN in Indiana” and I’ll give them a call. Thank you for the insight!!

I’ve never had that experience with Niagara.

It appears this part number 646220-1A1 is uncommon and no one seems to have a remanufactured unit anywhere. I’ve called all the major companies Niagara, QAA, G&N, aircraft spruce, etc. Seems like only Aviall and Spruce have new ones which are over $12k. Needs a new shaft to rebuild and the shaft is showing unavailable from continental for over 200 days.

This is the most bazaar thing I have ever seen. Only in aviation.

SR20’s with aircon are probably like hen’s teeth.

And the Aviall price is exorbitant, but from their perspective they’ve had stock for which they paid thousands of dollars sitting on the shelf for years, not knowing if it would ever be sold. It’s hard to blame them for wanting to turn a sunk cost into a profit.

And a bazaar it certainly is not - if it were you could at least haggle on price. Bizarre maybe, but really it’s just aviation.

I have no good suggestions but have you considered removing the aircon?

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Call continental and see if there was a superseded PN on this adapter.

It may be pissing into the wind, but have you considered appealing to the Cirrus hotline, expressing the attitudes that:

  • “I am concerned that I am missing something because this seems crazy.”
  • "I am sure Cirrus considered this when they decided to sell the SR20 w/AC.
  • “If indeed this is just the way things are, I strongly believe others should be educated and aware of this significant financial risk to purchasing an SR20 with A/C.”

This is practically the same starter drive used on the TSIO360 so it’s not exactly uncommon. It’s ubiquitous on every Seneca for the last 40 years.

Maybe another time pn for the same part. It takes an Alex to know these things.

Sorry about the iPhone auto correct.
Meant : maybe the same pn for the same part.