Air Conditioning

I have a SR22 and I want A/C but I think $30k for a retrofit is extreme. Has anyone installed anything else. For example, the arctic air unit? If not someone should work on a STC for one. There would be a lot money in such a STC.

most on this forum, say the artic air is pretty good while on the ground. Then again, you live in Florida so… probably not as adequate


Disclosure: My brother, Greg, owns ArcticAir>.

I recently bought 2006 SR22 with factory A/C, but have flown in Greg’s 2001 SR22 with his (compressor unit) Arctic Air. Definitely cools and probably cools as good if not better than factory A/C. I still like factory A/C but it is costly if purchased new or retrofit.Also portable unit allows for removal in winter and when need weight for other payload.

I used his ice model in my Archer(prior to SR22) and with block ice (froozen 1 liter bottles) good cooling and duration of cooling.

Greg flys in Fla frequently (to Bahamas) and would be easy to meet at Fort Pierce(or other location or his home base in south Georgia (KCKF) to actually see.


I would appreciate if you could ask your friend who did the install of the A/C unit. I have tried and have only had problems with repair guys not wanting to do it. you could pass my email to him. Just looking for how he did it.



Hi Wes,

A bunch of us will be in Fort Pierce on 5/11 next week to meet for the Bahamas Fly In. I believe Arctic Air is donating a door prize for the trip, but I know that I would love to see the unit in operation should I be one of the unfortunate losers. I am sure out of the other 30 or so COPA travelers there are probably more than a few that would love to see it as well. Any chance your brother would like to take a short flight down to show everyone what he has?

Chris Sakala


2005 SR22 G2

Wes, Thanks for your comments. I am working with local Cirrus Service Center discussing the install of the Artic Air unit. They are concerned with start amp and state the power must be pulled from the ECU. Do you know who has installed one of the Real A/C units in a Cirrus SR22? Our Center would like to discuss the install. Thanks, Bill

Just add a dedicated main bus breaker to your panel (next to your right shin). When you do that, you are pulling from the MCU. Ask the Arctic Air owner as he has installed in his own Cirrus.

Sorry, if you were thinking of the refrigerated air version, there may be amp issues unless you have a 100 amp alternator. I was thinking of the ICE-based cooler.

A lot of interest in this subject. All I can say is an FBO could make a lot of money doing these installs. Like I’ve been saying, I would love to install some type of a/c unit. If there is a mechanic who could pi his two cents in that would e great.


I will be joining the Bahamas Group in Ft. Pierce on Wednesday and will have a unit installed in the plane. I offer a 100% money back guarantee on my units. If anyone ever wants to stop in Cordele, GA (CKF) and take a look at an installed unit or we can install one to try in your plan in about an hour. This will really let you know what the unit will do in your plane. I will be glad to show it to anybody that would like to see it. I will also be leading a day trip to Guana Cay on Friday. I have a house located on Guana Cay that we use as a Pilot’s Retreat where pilot’s pay $4,000 a year and can have use of the House’s, Golf Carts, and Boats for the year. We will be eating a Baker’s Bay Golf Club. (I beleive I will make another post about the Bahamas.

Greg Turton