SR20 G2 Flap Problem


I am a new UK based owner of sn1642 2006 SR20, which I has just completed its first annual.

I noticed recently the 100% flap confirmation light was failing to come on when 100% selected on final approach. The light then came on after landing. The flaps worked perfectly on the ground.

Checking in the air again, the flaps are extending only to about 70% and stopping. Obviously they can’t counteract the load to extend plus the aerodynamic load on the flaps in the air.

Has anyone else experienced this and know what the problem is likely to be to help reduce the diagnosis time? It must the either binding or similar at the 70% position or there is a problem with the actuator when it gets to that position. I am hoping it is the former as it will cost less to fix!


I can tell you that on our SR22 G1 we had the exact same problem. The clutch in the actuator wasn’t strong enough to hold. We had to replace the actuator. Not cheap. Can’t find any place to ‘rebuild’ the clutch part of the actuator. We’re thinking that the flaps were lowered at too high an airspeed more than once. We’re now very careful about airspeed. Not sure the SR20 uses the same actuator.

Regards, Don

97CT Naples Florida

Hi Don,

Thanks for that, it helped us get straight to the problem. It turned out to be exactly the same problem - the clutch was slipping. It’s a shame the clutch can’t be replaced in the field, as you say not cheap. I think the SR20 and 22 use the same actuator. Rgds, John.

One thing I learned at Cirrus transition training (in 2004) was to lower the flaps at 117k (or less). This puts less stress on the flap motor and clutch. Normally flap extension is 120k.

Not sure if this is still taught, but it might be worth considering.

Right idea. My flap extension speed is 110. Just because you can extend at 119 doesn’t mean you should.