SR22T Flap issue

ed jagotyzack


I have a 2018 SR22T that just came out of annual in Nov 23 and 5 year extended warranty expired Dec 23…

One short flight after annual no problems. Second flight in January and flaps go to 100% and breakers pops will not reset when trying to retract on ground.

My Cirrus mechanic called Cirrus and the said replace relay.

Next test flight popped breaker again……checked actuator and “some grinding noise” going to 100%. Cirrus recommends changing actuator

Change actuator and new relay ……test flight and breaker pops hard down

Cirrus says the circuit breaker may have worn out?!? Never heard of this and I have 40 years flying experience….Replace breaker…
Test flight ……breaker pops……No flap landing this time….check relay and it’s now “fried”

My mechanic calls Cirrus….they say try the 2 old style relays and everything works perfect……maybe a bad batch of relays!?

Cirrus now says sending relay box module and replace that!??

Test flight and breaker pops!

So the plane operates fine with two of the “old style” relays (one for up , second for down)……will not extend flaps to 100% with new single relay in slot!

I’m now 3 months and $4000 in on this….I trust my mechanic as their Cirrus certified, but Cirrus doesn’t seem to have a clue and keeps throwing parts at it? Now I’m questioning mechanics skill level and Cirrus on this

Any help from other owners on this would be welcome

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