SR20A Flaps problems?

Due to the fact that we have got delivered our new Cirrus SR 20 A, my friend and I have been followed last week the Cirrus training program in Duluth. During this trainingprogramm we where confronted two times with the fact that during stall exercises, the flaps suddenly blocked and could not be moved anymore. Pressing the circuitbreaker in once didn’t have any result, otherwise than that the circuitbreaker came out immediately again. The factory people have changed the flapmotor the first time, due to the fact that this one was completely out of order. After they replaced this flapmotor, we faced this problem the next day for the second time, again the flapmotor was out of order.
During the groundschool we where told never change the flaps during setting, because this could cause burn out the relais. Due to this infomation, we bought ourselves 2 extra relais. We are very sure that we did not change the flapsetting during the flaps came in their position. But what we find afterwards very typical is that none relais was out of order, but the flapmotor was(?). When we where grounded due to this technical problem, they let us borrow a Cirrus 20 from them. With this aeroplane I had two times also blocked flaps, In this case I was not even stalling, the flaps did reset by themselves suddenly afterwards. We are wondering if our experience is known by other Cirrus owners and what is done to this?
I have spoken with my Dutch agent who sold us the plane and he is telling me that this problem is not known in his service-organisation.
We lost a lot of practical trainingtime due to this these technical problems, my friend could’nt finished his trainingprogram. We both flew during the four days we where in Duluth only 6:30 hour each. We are very enthousiastic over the flying capabilities of this SR20, she flies like a super sharp razor!
Next week we expect her in the Netherlands, a ferry organisation will fly her to us.
Sorry for my bad written english, but you understood already, I’m Dutch.

With friendly regards to you all,

Henk Oudshoorn

With 350 hours on our SR20 we have had no flap related problems. Your English is better than my Dutch!


Het spijt me, ik spreek geen Nederlands!

Were you transmitting on the radio during any of the times that the flaps failed to function?

Een goede dag verder!

The only flap problem during 900 hours has been one instance where the flaps stuck in the “up” position, turned out to be that they had overrun the up limit switch and the actuator had run off the end of its travel. The fix was to reengage the actuator and check the operation of the position switches. No problems since, nor have we seen any sign of the flap/COM interaction.

We are very happy to read, that you don’t have any flapproblem during your 350 hrs.


We where not transmitting during flapsetting.
We know from the Cirrus Service Organisation that transmitting during flapsetting is not allowed.


In the first 20 hours I had two flap relays go out while in the 50% and 100% down position. I was not on the radio and had not switched until the green light was on. I now carry two extra relays but have not had any problems in over 120 hours.

Also great service from Houston Executive Air, they flew over with the relays and fixed on the spot.

I love the 22 and know you will enjoy the new 20.

Jim Awalt
N789AA #123