SR20/22 Display Model - Update

SR20/22 Desk top display model vote results.

First, thank you for all those replies to my July 2nd post. Some of you voiced your interest by email and some from the web site. In all, 14 votes were cast. Here are the resultsÂ…

2 votes for option “A”. That was the one that stated “let’s keep it under $200”.

6 votes for “B”. “Let the model company pay for the molds, the $350 per model is OK”.

7 votes for “C”. “Let’s get a group of us together (Cirrus club, etc.) to pay for the molds, and the model price will drop to $280 after we all pay an initial deposit”. Some of you came right out and stated you liked option “C” mostly because it might get a Cirrus club going sooner. I did not include my vote here, but I was leaning toward “C” as well because of the Cirrus club idea.

Unfortunately many more of you were interested in the lower price models. I received 70+ emails back in June for, in some cases, 2-3 models each. At this point I am not sure if we lost a lot of you because of price or a lot of you did not see the post I made because it was over the 4th of July week. My other guess is, if you wanted to pay less, some of you did not reply, or at least for option “A”.

Next week I will tour the model factory. They are only an hour+ drive away from were I live. If anybody wants to give me a ride in his or her Cirrus and go along you are very welcome. Van Nuys Airport California is where IÂ’m based. I would like to keep the name of the company confidential because final price negotiations are not finalized.

Now some information from Cirrus Design. I took a factory tour on Monday. For those of you that have your planes or have done the tour, I know you will agree with me that it is a MUST see experience. Yes, I wish they would build them faster but I know when it comes time, they will put the same dedicated carefully craftsmanship in my bird. I meet with Ian Bently and we discussed the model. He would be happy to provide us with drawings, etc. to help the model maker incorporate all the small details we would like to see (wing shape, body cross section, etc.) Unfortunately, money for the molds was not an option for Cirrus to provide us at this time. As far as aircraft colors, Cirrus hopes to have the new aircraft color schemes out before Oshkosh. This is not a problem for the model company we are considering. They can make whatever colors and N number that are custom to our planes. They use some sort of computer design, silk screen, and decal application.

I know most of you would like a custom model of your plane at the lowest price possible. A Cirrus club may help. Cirrus Design is behind us to help make this an accurate replica. Stay tuned for more info.

Jim #357

PS If any of you would like a wood replica now, I would be happy to give you the names of 2-3 companies, I feel, would make you a nice model.