SR20/22 Display Model Update (Long)

As most of you probably noticed a guy named Mike Gibson made a post on this site right after I told him about it. Mike of Pacific Aircraft also known as is being considered for our endorsement. He has just started a prototype model for us to examine and feels it will take about 4 weeks to finish. I have emailed Mike and explained to him that this site is for Cirrus pilots and not for advertising posts. I can not prevent any advertising from popping up on this site either. I have given Clyde a heads up so he can pull any ads he thinks he should. The reason I have given this web site address out to Mike and other model companies is only to show that we are a large and dedicated group (except for an occasional Jeff post). Unfortunately, I did not explain that to Mike prior to him checking out this site at my invitation. My apologies to all of you.

As for a display model update, I have two companies working on prototype models for us currently and possible 1-2 more starting next week. I have decided to open my scope to some of the more expensive manufacturers here in the US. This is now based on the fact that they offer money back guaranties and claim they use more superior finishes and materials. Some confusion arose early on when checking prices because some companies can make cheaper models but they are not “custom” meaning we would not have the option of our paint colors and N number. I have taken it upon myself to assume that is what most of us want.

Thanks again to all the emails you sent me. I received about 80. In fact, many of you with partners or (some that just wanted extra models), I estimated that we are looking at a need for about 150-275 models right away. I have told the companies, I have contacted, that they could be looking at 300 models this year with 100-200 every year ongoing. This mass need and ClydeÂ’s willingness to offer free advertising on this site to our favorite company, should allow for us to buy these models at a good price.

At this point I have not narrowed a company down. I am going to let the prototype models they provide speak for themselves. I also plan on talking directly with each company and finding out about the materials they use, the time it will take them to make each one, and what kind of volume discount they are willing to give. Because this will take some time I will not make another post for a few weeks. If you are interested in having a plane build right away I encourage you to wait. We want the best single engine plane available, lets have the best hand crafted custom model available for the money.

Please do not send me anymore emails requesting models. When the time comes (in 4-6 weeks), hopefully Clyde will have a link on this site directly to the model company’s order form.


PS When the prototype models start coming in, I would like some input from some of you local Cirrus pilots. I could use your help picking out the best model. My home phone is (818) 355-7877 Northridge, CA.