SRV-G2 is supposed to be a VFR only aircraft. The plane seems to be identical to the SR20-G2. Can the SRV-G2 be made IRF compliant. Apparentlt there are FAR regs 91.205 that govern IFR certification. I think that you need an extra alternator and an extra GNS430. What is the deal here.

The PFD in the SRV is not IFR certified. You would have to replace it with an IFR PFD to begin with. There may well be other hurdles to cross. I am sure it would cost more to get an SRV approved for IFR than just buying an SR20.

The second GNS430 is not an issue - one IFR GPS plus a VOR should be sufficient for IFR approval.


That wasn’t my impression. I thought the only issue with upgrading to IFR is the lack of a backup AI on the bolster. I would think that could be added.

Avidyne’s press release in 2003, when the SRV was announced, said “For the SRV, Cirrus will offer a VFR version of the PFD along with the EX5000C MFD.” This suggests that the SRV PFD is different in some way to the IFR unit in the SR20 and 22.

If that is indeed the case, I can’t see how you could get IFR approval for an SRV without replacing the PFD.