SR-2x Production list expansion/update

Hi again,

After having the cheek to ask for photos, I thought I’d ask for yet more help from you.

As mentioned before, I am in the process of updating my production list in the Miscellaneous section. In addition to the pictures which I intend to add in the future, I would really like to add extra information that cannot be obtained from the FAA database. I want to add the three or four character Home Base data (e.g. for my local airport, Bournemouth, Hurn the code is EGHH or BOH) for as many of the SR-2x fleet as possible.

I know that the code is available in the member’s area, but I’m not prepared to extract that data without permission from each individual concerned.

Please e-mail me at, or use COPA mail if you are happy for this information to be included in the database.

Thanks in anticipation.


Paul Rushton