S-Tec GPSS 337 data needed

To keep folks from bogging down in all the previous posts related to GPSS add-ons, I decided to start a new thread for these questions: (BTW - members forum post is identical to public forum post)

1st question: Does anyone who has had the S-Tec GPSS module added to their SR20’s avionics actually have the form 337 documentation for the installation? I’m still trying to get a shop to install it, and every shop I’ve talked to wants to reference an already approved form 337.

2nd question: If you have it, would you be willing to give me a copy to use? I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee for the privilege…[:)]

You can contact me by private msg on this site, at my e-maill address (starfish@hotmail.com) or at my daytime phone number 828-265-4412.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Dobson

I have an SR20; I have not yet done the GPSS installation. Peninsula Avionics at Tamiami Airport (Miami) has told me that they can handle your request and will be doing so for me. I don’t have there phone number available but they are here in the 305 area code. Soooooooo, call them and com’on down. It’s warmer here too.

I just had it added to my 20 last week at Gardner Aviation in Griffin, Georgia. It is great! They claim that no forms are required. They are a wonderful authorized Cirrus service center and I trust them completely. It could be the best $2000. I ever spent. I suggest you call Bill Durden at 770-412-7216 with your questions. They are also an authorized avionics shop for GARMIN, S-TEC, KING, ARNAV, AVIDYNE AND CENTURY. I hope this helps.