Hi Everyone,

I’ve just joined the Public Forum and I thought I should introduce myself!

My Name is Paul Rushton, I’m an out of work Telecomms Consultant and Teacher, living in Poole on the South Coast of the UK.

In my spare time (got a lot of that at the moment) I photograph aircraft and generate production histories of light aircraft.

I belong to an enthusiasts organisation called Air Britain, we publish several magazines and have a number of people who offer help to other members on ‘specialist’ subjects that we are interested in. For my sins, I have volunteered to become the resident ‘specialist’ for Cirrus Design Aircraft.

I have production listings for the SR20 & 22 with very few gaps containing constructors numbers, registrations and registration dates. If anyone would like a copy of my list (which has been generated using the official FAA database, contacts in Australia and Netherlands and some aviation publications), then please e-mail me. The current format is Excel 2000, but I can always change that if you don’t have Excel.

I have a couple of queries that I want to post, but that will come later.

Finally, if you have a digital image of your Cirrus aircraft that you would be willing to share with me, I would LOVE to receive it!


Paul Rushton

I follow another flying e-mail list and anytime someone
says do you know what xyz is. The Air Britain guy
pops up telling you where it was built by who and
its life history, certainly worth helping these guys.



I’d be interested in receiving your list of Cirrus registrations - if you don’t mind, please email it to me at I might try to modify it and post it on this web site (unless you prefer I not do so).

There are several pictures of Cirri in the “Pictures” section of the Main COPA Site and I’m sure lots of people would oblige if there is a certain type of picture you’re looking for in particular.



Great to have Cirrus followers in the UK, My SR20 is based in Denham, but over the last few weeks I have been flying it down to the old MOD base at Lee on Solent.

My “out-laws” live next to the field, and my wife and kids were hanging out there for a few weeks in the summer.

Once I’ve uploaded my camera, I’ll post some photos here of the SR20 sitting next to a restored Super Catalina flying boat! I bet that’s rare!

Also I have a brother in law in Portsmouth who is pestering me to take him for a trip over Portland - your neck of the woods… see you at Hurn perhaps?


Dear All,

I hope that I can live up to the standards set by my colleagues and be of help to COPA.


Paul Rushton

Dear Steve and All,

I’ll send you the list soon, I have no objections at all to having them posted on the site. All the information has been gathered from Publicly available sources. I will even keep the data up to date if I can be given access to it somehow.

I’ve already seen the pictures on the main site. My (most likely unachievable) objective is to collect a picture of each aircraft, so please send them to me if you have them!

Thanks to the folks that have already sent pictures.


Paul Rushton