Significance of "N" Numbers

Does anyone know the significance of the ending letter in the “N” numbers of PG? I see a lot of Cirrus planes ending in PG. Is there a meaning to it?

If I had to guess, I would guess “Perspective by Garmin”, since that’s how they’re technically branding the Perspective.

Throughout the years, the default ending letters have changed - first a bunch of “CD” (“Cirrus Design”), then a series with just “C” (Cirrus?), along with the “SE” (Signature Edition") and others. Of course, you can pick a custom N number as well, so there’s no real meaning to it, other than possibly a marketing angle.

I recall ATC getting confused at the first CPPP because of all the “xxxCD” call signs!

I agree. The PG stands for Perspective by Garmin. A lot of the turbos also had “TN” associated with them.

I think there is more to the just “C” series - “CP” for Cirrus Perspective and “CK” for Cirrus FIKI for example.

I meant there was a series with JUST C (like my current plane, 693C). I agree, there are many other suffixes as well.

No the planes in question that end in PG are SR20’s with the Avidyne avionics. I was trying to figure out what this stands for?


I’ve noticed this before as well and it appears from what I can tell that they are all 2008 SR20 models that have these. I’m wondering if possibly they were all reserved that way for a specific large flight school type of order that never came to fruition?

Obviously, it stands for Parental Guidance [:D]

With that thought in mind, i saw a Cirrus with a Large X on its rudder at KRIL this afternoon [:$]

Now we know what that means, as well !!

Thats the “X” addition where they try to get you to spend more money for a fancy interior!

I’m sure its pretty, but i covered mine up with Sheepskins . I can’t see them when i’m sitting on them anyway!! [:)]

Lots of “SR” endings too. My plane is N135SR and had plenty of cousins. Goes with the SR20 or SR22 designation

Well, the “SR” ending makes sense…I was just curious because I am going to pick up an SR20 in a week that ends in “PG” and it would be nice to know if there is any significance to it!!!

papa golf LOL

You are wrong guys. It means " plane genious". Actually they were PG registered cirri before perspective.

Now, that makes perfect sense…thank you for the information. Plane Genius is a trademark of Cirrus, so, “PG” ( yes, Papa Golf) probably stands for Plane Genius!

Thank you for all of your comments, I have just recently joined COPA.

I guess I should also proof my typing… it was too late to revise, sorry!

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PG was out before the Perspective.

SR- obvious

PG- Plane Genius

CP- Cirrus Perspective

CT- Cirrus Turbo

I am sure there are some I missed.

Mark W