Service Centers to join COPA

New group to join COPA
COPA is actively soliciting membership from Cirrus Authorized Service Centers. We expect a good response, with most Service Centers choosing to join.
The addition of Service Centers to our active group is in line with the goals of COPA - to promote and distribute information that is useful to our members. In addition, this group will have access to a private Service Center Forum where they can exchange information on how to solve sticky problems, techniques that are developed to aid in troubleshooting, disclose where to get difficult-to-find parts, etc.

We have developed guidelines that include restrictions to protect privacy - for example, Service Centers will not mention customer names or specify which particular airplane they’re working on. In general, it is our hope that by being able to share their knowledge and experience, they will find a “multiplication factor” in the benefits of this new form of communication, just as we all have; and in the process, we’ll all benefit. Of course, if any discussions on that forum uncover safety issues that may affect a more general group, we have mechanisms in place to ensure that we post that information on the regular forums.

Any posts by Service Center contributors will be identified by the flags and

  • Mike.

Terriffic idea!!


FYI on a new service center in the mountain west.

Steve Serfling (Dir. Customer Service for Cirrus) is in Utah today. Preparing to add Million Air PVU and SLC (owned by the same company) as service centers.

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FYI on a new service center in the mountain west.


Appreciate the heads-up. We’ll contact them as soon as we hear that they’re officially an Authorized SC.