Scale Model

On the prior discussion boards, there was a good deal of discussion regarding scale models and different vendors. The one poster indicated that Cirrus was going to source models, but have not seen anything from them.
Has anyone procured a scale model, from whom, what was the cost, and were you satisfied?
thanks in advance, Jim

I have purchased a model from Motion Models. I have yet to receive the model, it was ordered in Feb.01 as a special order. It was actually sent to the vendor one month ago, but with the wrong “N” number. I have been told I will receive it before Christmas. I have seen a picture, and for what it is worth it looks very nice. Cost; 400 smackers. See talk to Joel Rosen. MIKE

Scale models are now available through Cirrus. They come in two sizes–wingspans of 13" and 16". You can customize the trim and N# if desired. Cost is under $300 but delivery is expected to be 3 months or so. Haven’t seen the model yet so I ordered blind!