Scale Models

As many of you may remember, I was the one researching scale model companies for COPA and or Cirrus to consider for our endorcement. As of two months ago I turned over all of my findings to Cirrus for them to decide who to go with. Ian Bentley was my original contact, now Barb Whitney has taken the project to its current point.
As most of you may have seen in the recent Cirrus news letter update, scale wood models will be avalible. I did not see the samples that they looked at nor was I involved in other companies that that they (Cirrus) also considered. My feelings were straight forward from the start, I felt resin cast was the way to go. Cirrus has decided to go with wood models that will be custom made overseas and take 3-4 months to make. For reasons of cost and quality, this may not be a bad thing. Unfortunatly, one of the vendors I recommended got lost in the transfer from Ian Bentley to Barb Whitney. For now the wood models will be availible. I have again contacted my recommendation for the models and Cirrus has said they have no long term comitment with the current wood company that they are going to use.
The wood models Cirrus has ordered and the ones that customers can custom order may be quite nice. I hope later posts will give feed back on this.
Once again, thanks to all of you for your responces to me on my many surveys on price, modeling type, and scale.
I know as well as most of you that Cirrus is still getting off the ground and any decisions they make needs to be conservative and sometimes short term.

Happy flying