Safety Pilot / Share Costs

Hi, im new to the forums

Im not a cirrus owner yet.

I am looking for some flying in cirrus, i have complex/high performance endorsment in T34, tailwheel endorsment, etc

I would like to share fuel costs and controls with owners, depending on the destination, during his trips, or if we agree to another destinations.

Also if you are flying your aircraft to europe i would be interested to share fuel costs and controls, or other flights to caribbean, central or south america.

Just let me know what you want to do, i have lots of free time. I have done this before with other aircraft owner, but never in a cirrus, also i already have some G1000 experience, wich can help

Thank you

J Silva

E ai Joao? Beleza? I am based in Colorado and you could fly with me if you are out this way. I make regular day trips several times per week.

Hi, that would be a nice thing to do