European forums?

Hi, folks,

I know there are a lot of EU based pilots and owners around, however I haven’t seen any EU specific forums or discussions. Does anybody know of a forum, mailing list or any other form of online discussion that deals specifically with EU aviation topics, JARs, rules, fees, etc, etc…?


you´ll find some forums at and (this one in spanish?)
are you cirus owner?

javier from spain

Try the GA section of pprune its pretty busy and european focused.

For cirrus stuff, we are just one big family here at COPA, plenty of European/ Australian etc discussion in the members area so join up if you are planing to fly a modern aircraft.


I wish I owned a cirrus, but no I don’t. Thanks for the direction. I’ll take a look at yahoo.

Does anybody else have an idea where the EU pilots discuss their issues?

Please go to public access on the main page and select COPA Europe. you will find all info you need to join this very interesting community.