Aircraft Management

I might be grabbing a SR22 G3 Turbo and keeping it in the KVNY, KSMO area. I thought it might be useful putting it under management to take care of plane for me. If you’re able to offer services please feel free to e-mail me with any details. My e-mail is

Thank you

I apologize the e-mail is

why not just do a share in airshares then?

why buy part of a plane that is not truely yours instead of owning one out right?


Does this mean that no one is able to offer the services I requested?

What kind of management are you looking for? Maintenance? Have you looked into SAMM? SAVVYMX.COM Jeff

It’s not clear to me either what you’re looking for. Perhaps if you give us more information on what you want, we can be more helpful.

We use SAMM to manage our maintenance, it’s an advisory service. Jeff is very knowledgeable and helpful but he doesn’t ferry our plane in for its oil changes. (While it would be nice Jeff, we’re not willing to pay for that service)

Have you talked to the Cirrus sales people at Santa Monica? Rachel and Steve have been very helpful whenever I’ve seen them.


Call Managed Flight/Elite Aviation at 702-835-1222. They’re in North Las Vegas, but I believe can help in So Cal too. They manage Cirruses (is that the plural or is it Cirri?) and a Pilatus for individual and group owners. They handle everything from maintenance to administrative to providing professional pilots and training.

Ask for Jason or Shawn or Mike. Tell 'em I sent you and that I expect a big fat referral fee. :slight_smile:

I don’t use them for management myself, I just know they provide that service in addition to running a flight school and SC (non Cirrus).

Convenience. I believe AirShares makes ownership far more convenient (and affordable) than owning your plane all by yourself, especially if you’re based at VNY or SMO. If you’re determined to buy a plane you don’t want to manage/maintain, offers a very good service for maintenance oversight. I am not familiar with other options.