Ruined my seat

I put a child seat in the left rear seat for my son a year ago. Went to take it out yesterday in preparation for my upcoming annual. Was very upset to find that the foam/rubber matt I purchased to go behind the car seat (don’t remember the brand but sold at toys-r-us specifically to “protect” the seat) had basically fused to the cirrus leather. After I “peeled” it off there are pieces adhered all over the seat. I fear the seat is ruined. I don’t know if there is a solvent that will remove this without damaging the leather. It’s quite a mess. If you are using a child seat be sure not to use a pad like this.

Have you tried using Goo Gone? It’s the stuff that takes the sticky part off things when you take the price label off. I’ve tried it for various other things and with persistance it works. Good Luck

I think acetone would do a good job getting that stuff off. I’d test it on a patch of the seat first though to make sure it does no damage.

I would check in with the guys at the upolstery shop in Duluth where they upholster the Cirrus seats. They can help - I think the company is Brighams or something like that. Nice guys - I’m sure they have a solution for you.


Sorry to here of your problem. I’m with Rich, use Goo Gone. I’ve used it on the leather in my Yukon without any damage to the leather.