New guy with questions...

I was recently flying in my SR22 with my 6 month old son, Little Richard, Jr. And to make a long story short, he handled his “business” (if you know what I mean) in the backseat. What would be the best way of getting rid of this awful stench?

Thanks guys,
Big Richard Sr.

“What would be the best way of getting rid of this awful stench?”

I wouldn’t be to harsh with the boy! I don’t think he did it on purpose. (Only kidding!)

Did the “stuff” land on the carpet or on the rear seat? Are the seats cloth or leather? I’m sure that there are good cleaners our there that will do the job or go to your local cleaners and get their advice.


Richard: I know this will be of absolutely No help to you, so I apologize, but I cant resist saying two things:

First, not in a million years did I ever think a question like this would come up on the forums. I am very happy that Steve’s handiwork has been so well done and so flexible that it can be used for even unusual question like this.

Secondly, You could always do like my teenage son would do, deny it! [winlk] Although, like most of his faux pas, the evidence will be overwhelming!

Good luck with the problem.


If there is no one to help you with the task-I would not let the aroma distract you from flying the plane or declare an emergency (although this is open to debate). I would consider the emergency smoke hood, which should help filter any airbourne 'toxins".

Ok, here’s another input. Our cat decided to eat part of a play ball and later her body realized that it wanted no part of it, so our great room virgin white rug had some vomit decorations. My wife used “Woolite Spot&Stain Wipes” and the carpet looks like new.



This will fix it for you:

I think most car dealers are using this when cleaning up their used vehicles. I’ve personally had a lot of success with it.

Good luck,


You guys have got to be kidding! Big Richard Burns and Little Richard Burns! This is a prank post. Pretty funny one, though.

Little Richard Jr. is my second son, my first is 14. So I know how you feel as far as them denying things, but what kid doesn’t lie one time or another?

And the seats are leather. There were no huge stains, just the stench of his turds. I don’t know what Richard eats, but that boy really cranks out some good ones every once in a while!
-Richard Sr.

As regards Little Richard, the only response I have to the deed he committed in your Cirrus is"Good Golly, Miss Molly!"

Seriously, Sporty’s has long advertised a deodorizing product called that might be worth a try.

Good luck, and remember that traveling with children builds character!

This is no prank. Mine and my son’s names really are Big and Little Richard Burns. Although most people just call me Big Dick Burns it can go either way.