Ink marks

I know that sometime ago . There was a post about how to clean ink marks up off leather . I can not find it on the search mode. Anyone know how. Thanks in advance. Don

don, ive got some good leather cleaner if you want to use it. it worked well in getting ride of the ink off my seats.


I remember the following recommendations, lemon, hair spray and my personal favorite just plain spit (saliva).

Thanks that would be great I have one on my pasenger seat. Also one on the center counel. Lets get together. Don


There was a bottle of leather cleaner in the goodie bag from last summer’s migration. It works great if you still have it.

Thanks I do have it but its in MI. I will be getting back there in a four weeks. If nothing else come along by, I will do it when I get back there. Don

The spit thing does not work 0n this one. I will try the lemon or hair spray. Thanks Don


I have used something called “Goof Off” and it worked very well.

I know this product Thanks for the info. Don