Has anyone with an SR22 had trouble getting 2700 RPM on climb and 2500 RPM at cruise? For 260 hrs now, my 22 climbs at 2625 and cruises at 2400. The authorized service center has not been able to correct the situation. They installed a Cirrus provided governor but the fix has been elusive. The problem was first noted during the check ride at the factory 260 hrs ago. Any answers?

Check the on-board electric tach against a portable IR tach. Its possible you have a bad tach sending unit (cirrus calls it a tach generator), or your on-board tach is mis-calibrated… the on-board tach in my SR20 was DOA at the factory and had to be replaced during acceptance. My tach sending unit went bad about 100 hrs later - symptoms were low and erratic readings at any RPM above 2000…

if it were just the 2625…cirrus sets the governors at 2600-2650 on the 20 at least. i asked why they published specs at 2700 if the plane isn’t set-up for it from the factory.
if you get a battery operated prop-tach’ and stick it on the dash…you’ll see what your gov is set at.
If you setting cruise with power…this could give you the lower reading there as well.
I had my FBO raise to 2700. cirrus said this was fine as well.

Yes, and worse. My RPM are AOTP (All Over The Place). My steam tach and ARNAV tach never match, and neither often reflect what should be happening. I have squawked the problem numerous times, everything has been checked and calibrated and the Steam Tach replaced. NADA, no resolution.


Mine’s fine since they replaced the Tach Generator…

I started a thread in the members section about it …