SR 20 Cruise rpm

Easy one…my Sr20 runs at 2450 instead of 2500 in the cruise, hits 2670 on take off, 150 kts at 75% power. Should I bother getting her tweaked to 2500 or just let her purr at the lower speed?

Hi Andrew,

Save your money trying to tweet 50 RPM and spend $65 to join COPA. It will likely be the best bargain in Cirrus ownership.

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Getting 2500 in cruise should only require you push the power lever forward. It should be WOT from 2500 to 2700. Just push forward, that should be totally in your control.

The max RPM would need the prop gov turned up a bit by a mechanic. Given the 20’s less robust climb rate I would turn up the prop gov to give 2700. No hurry though, but before summer temps anyway.

I agree with Roger. Of course, % power and rpms are not necessarily linked.


FWIW, I hit 2750 on takeoff. That’s on purpose. I want all I can get. 2650 is pretty low.


Your governor rod end should be adjusted a couple turns out. Also if ur at the governor stop, then check the age of ur governor. You should see 2700 in the climb, no questions. And btw, ur engine is rated to 2800 rpm even though we have it nerfed to 2700.