More on Transponder, Engine Monitor


I spoke with my avionics guy today and discussed the possibility that the problem is due to exhaust pipes shielding the signal; he says that in light of my experience on the flight to Kitty Hawk (see’s post), it seems likely. As far as he knows, the Approach Control Radar is in fact co-located with the facility, so that makes sense. I will wait for a little more supporting data before I contact CD to pursue this further.

Engine Monitor

The problem I experienced (only 8 records of engine data available for download to my PC) turned out to be a bad SRAM card. ARNAV not only sent me a new one overnight, but also sent me a new version of the software, addressing some of the other issues I had raised.

So far, I have tested the SRAM card and it works fine; I haven’t had a chance to fly, so stay tuned for more on the newer software. Although I was pretty disappointed in the PC software, I have to say that their support so far has been top notch.

  • Mike.