Really stupid

This is going to be a really stupid question. I mean a real whopper. Somebody said the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. Since I can not possibly suffer anymore of the slings and arrows of defeat, “or is it The Feet”, I will ask away. I have made rather a large amount of plans based on the erroneous assumption that our SR20 would finally arrive in February. This was already a year delay. I actually was at the factory and ask. We have retirement, weddings, a possible move across the country, well you get the idea. So if anyone out there who has a position lower than 290 has a reason to want to delay there delivery, and I doubt it, I sure could use a swap. I was a volunteer fireman for many years and can take the flames from this post. I am a grown up and I only cry when I think about this plane. I am sitting here looking at chocks, a cover, wool seat covers, tie down straps, a headset and a couple other boxes just sitting in the corner waiting. My wife uses these items as the final word in any argument that develops about anything. Sorry, just venting.