Really good airport restaurant

Matthew’s at Paso Robles (PRB). Tina, Byron, and I motored down there today in a WVFC SR20 to try it out. Beautiful flight down the Big Sur coast, with a circle of Hearst Castle included.

The food was really good and reasonably priced, with some unusual menu items. Even Byron, the picky eater’s picky eater, stuffed his face happily.

Could be a good venue for a West Coast Cirrus fly-in sometime soon!

As we were leaving, the restaurant was preparing to host a Bonanza/Baron fly-in. We had to wait for our turn to taxi outbound on the narrow (one-way) taxiway C for a string of Bonanzas coming in.

Certainly one of my favorite little known places. Food is fantastic and its rarely crowded. The staff and friendly; always a good all around time. :slight_smile: