Prospective Cirrus Owner Looking for Advice

I am still a student pilot, about 1/2 way to my PPL.
Ready to solo when my certificate gets emailed to me.
I train in a Warrior as it is the closest option to my house.
I am trying to figure out what I should do when I am done with my lessons (I know I will still be learning for long time after that). I do intend to continue with IFR training.
As a retired center controller I know how much trouble VFR pilots can get into.
I really want to get into a Cirrus for the safety but my low hours is a problem.
I can rent an SR20 when I get 100 hours under my belt but it sucks to have to fly around in a Warrior that long to finally get into a Cirrus. Having said that between VFR and IFR I will be fairly close to 100 by then I assume.
I am considering purchasing a used SR20.
Ideally I could find a partnership, but once again, low hours are a hinderance.
There is a 2002 SR20 for sale in my area. It is $165K but the engine has 1475 hours and the CAPS is due for inspection this fall. It does say line cutters were done in December.
Anyone have any idea what the CAPS cost now for the 2002 model?
And what about an engine overhaul? Although 525 hours is a long time I guess and the price will be much higher by then.
Now for the second part of the question. How would one go about finding partners for a plane? How difficult is it to set up assuming you find people? Is there a good template for getting a fair partnership off the ground.
Thanks for the indulgence on my newbie questions.

Welcome Michael. All of your questions are good questions but in all fairness, you’ve got a lot more than 2 questions.
Really, the place to start is NOT here. You are checking in as a “guest”. We have well over 6,000 members who you can ask, or you can read through the the hundreds of thousand posts, many of which ask the same questions as you have. Few of our members hang out in the guest forum. Heck, it’s only a few bucks to join anyhow
But I’ll give you a quick tip on your potential purchase. Don’t sweat the time on the engine. Just make sure that you have a really good pre-buy inspection. There is nothing magical about a 2000 hour engine. Many are replaced well before 2000 hours (mostly by non-members) As for our members, their engines often last well over 2000 hours.
OH YEA, just one more quick tip. That CAPS inspection to which you refer, isn’t an “inspection”. It’s a mandatory replacement costing between $17 & 20k.

See ya on the member side.

Welcome - Dennis is on point. One question I have is why you are concerned about time for buying. Although I usually tell folks who ask that I think finishing training is better for learning a bit more about what you like and don’t like about various planes, some do buy while in their initial training. I bought my first plane the month after getting my PPL, you could certainly do it earlier. I don’t know how insurance works, but many advocate for training in what you want to fly. Come on in and ask away!

Welcome!. I echo what others said about joining.

I think that CAPS will be around $18K-$20K these days. About the engine, make sure you do a thorough pre-buy, that will give you some idea how long you have. It may be another 200 hours or another 2000 hours, we have people who who flew 3,500 hours before overhaul. I replaced engine at 2700 hours and that was a turbo!.

Advertise at local airports and flight clubs to find partners and of course here on forums.

Best wishes to complete your training.

Thanks for the replies. The email saying I had comments was in my spam folder so I am just seeing this.
That plane is under contract it appears.
I thought the overhaul time period was an FAA mandated time frame, not based on actual wear.

Lots of aircraft owners think that; they are wrong . . . Unless you are a charter operator (part 135)

There is NO period of time mandated by the FAA.