Private Pilot Video Course Recommendation?


This is for my 15 year old daughter who wants to start training or at least learning aviation theory, rules, etc beyond just what I teach her while we are flying. typical kid these days much more of a visual learner, so my first thought was the Sportys courses, but I will have to say they seem quite dry. There are other online options I believe but I am unfamiliar as I learned . I was considering that too, but King is really much more focused on the written test only, and I would like something with a bit more aviation theory (here are what the flight controls do in a visual way - I have done this in the plane but the videos really help too.Any suggestions ?

Please help.

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Sportys, she will love it.

I actually tried both Sportys and Kings. Kings is more entertaining but your daughter might wonder who those pensioners are :wink:

Another suggestion which might be more up her street is a younger CFI who uploads videos on YouTube. He has over 400 videos. Here is the link:

Hope it helps.