Can anyone tell me where I can find a video on the net, I believe that it was a day trip on a SR22, with creed music dubbed in the background (Take me higher). I believe it was a promo for a aviation video company. I cannot find it now on the web
Thanks ahead of time

I have the video its 30 mb where can I send it to you ?

The link to the author’s site and file is:


Can you email or post me a copy too?

Please email or go to and you can FTP upload it through a web browser.


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I have the video its 30 mb where can I send it to you ?

Hi there thanks for the response… I am not shall we say “SAVVY” on the puter. I do not think my email provider would allow 30 meg attachment. Is there a third party way say a LINK or something I could go to…
Thanks again I think the Video is awesome

Im sending it now ! Its a great video, I watched it every day before delivery day !

I got it. Thanks.


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OPPS got it!!! thanks for the LINK!!!

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I posted a link on this thread.