Off-topic: IR at PIC?

Hi everyone

This one is a somewhat off-topic but since many contributors here have an IR, I venture to ask: Did anyone train at PIC for their IR or has heard some good/bad?
Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks, Chris

I finished my IR with PIC in June; immediately prior to picking up my 22. I give a major thumbs up. The convenience of coming to your home with a knowledgeable and professional instructor. Most of their instructors are retired airline pilots or other highly experienced flyers; and not ‘young’ instructors trying to get their hours in.

Excellent way to go.


I used PIC in summer of 2000 to finish my IR. Hands down the most professional instructor I’ve ever had. He was 6000 hrs, with every rating in the book, and many I’d never heard of. We went at it 12 hours a day. It’s the ONLY way to do the IR, as far as I’m concerned. PIC is excellent

I had a very bad experience with PIC. My instructor had nearly 30,000 hours but that was not important since he was not a good teacher. PIC has a refund policy, however it is only good thru the first day of training, and you have to pay up front before the instructor arrives. It was not until the 2nd & 3rd days that I recognized there was a problem.

The MOST important issue with any instructor is the teaching ability combined with solid experience.

I really liked the concentrated course approach and if doing it again would also consider local instructors who would commit to 4 to 6 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week until completion. This works if you have your own plane.

Since others have given praise for their instructors go with PIC if you can speak with the recommended instructors and pick the one you want and then get PIC’s commitment in writing that you will get that instructor.

My other comment is the PIC simulator which is ancient and would often crash on us. It does not have any of the modern instruments ie GPS.

In earlier posts in the archives there were one or two others who contacted me regarding their similar experiences with PIC.

My 5 cents.


I used PIC for my IR training and went back to them two years later for a refresher. Very pleased both times. Agree their “simulator” has no frills, but I felt that sharpened up my skills more than if I had a lot of situational awareness help from a GPS in the simulator. On the other hand when we got in my plane, my instructor was very helpfull in teaching practical techniques on the GPS. I would use PIC again. In any case I think I learn a lot more in intensive programs rather than stretching the training out over time. When I go to pick up my SR22 I plan on adding a couple days of extra training.

Here is a link to an article on AvWeb about a person who did the 10 day course through PIC. FYI.

So, who is PIC, where do they operate, how do we make contact with them, what do they charge, etc., etc.?


I concur that it was a positive (hard) experience and the instructor was professional, able and as pleasant as he should have been. Gave me a lot of confidence.

Re who is PIC…it stands for Professional Instrument Course, they send an instructor to your hometown, who commits to working with you for ten days to complete IR training. You pay for his hotel room, and fee to PIC…about 4-5 grand. They run ads in most pilot mags. It is recommended you get the written done, before starting the ten day training. You should be ready for a checkride at the end of the period.

the help is much appreciated!!!


I have had mixed experience with PIC. The first instructor they sent did not know how to teach and did not know how to say, “I don’t remember. I’ll look it up.” I asked that he be
replaced. The second instructor was excellent but I ended up not completing the course with him either. The main point here is that a ten day course is not for everyone. You don’t see any articles about people who don’t make it through, I thought about writing one but never got around to it. Don’t know if would be published anyway. I finally did complete my IR at my
local airport. The 10 day course is no guarantee that you will end up with your IR. Also why would you want to train on systems you’re not going to use. If you do decide on an
accelerated course, why not get if from Wings Aloft. They offer a 14 day course. Feel free to contract me if you want a more expanded version of my experience with PIC and IRF training.

Thanks. At the moment, I am really just scouting but not in a hurry for the IR training. What worries me most is that a 10 day course is possibly just too intense and I might get fed up. After all, it’s going to be my vaccation! I’d much rather take a little longer and do some 4-6 hours a day.
On the other hand, what I find appealling is the fact that you have an instructor, and only one instructor, throughout the course. In my experience, it’s always been something of a waste having to cycle between instructors, not least because everyone has their quirks. Of course, as you point out, if you get the wrong instructor, that’s not much help either. But then neither are the hour-building instructors at some schools that are really only there because they haven’t got anything better to do. So, to be honest, I am still somewhat torn and will try to feel the pulse a bit more.
Thanks for the offer to contact you, I might well take it up at a later date with more specific questions.

Cheers, Chris


my 14 day at Wings Aloft was 5-7 hours a day, and could have been more efficient without the National Airspace closure! Doing it in Seattle was vacation-like, given the pleasant Wings Aloft campus. But they will also come to you.