Precise consistent landings

Superb video. Beautiful scenery along with a conclusive demonstration of the superiority of the use of angle of attack to achieve good landings, even in difficult circumstances where most pilots would likely crash attempting similar feats of airmanship.

You and Larry B. should work out some kind of business relationship. You two guys are the key to overcoming the hide-bound resistance of too many general aviation CFIs who think AOAs are distractions, simply because that’s not how they were trained.

That leaves guys like you with the discipline and ability to be self-taught. It’s got to start somewhere!

yeppers… good stuff

If Larry B had put this up we’d see a ton of complaining… go figure

Keep posting, I love them

If Larry B posted his promotional materials in the Marketplace forum, no one would complain. I don’t know why posting rules should apply to everyone else but not to him. Or maybe the rules should be changed (?)

This particular poster is not a member of COPA. I’m not sure what his motivation is to post videos. If he has financial reasons for using COPA that way, it’s not praiseworthy. I think he should join up and pay his $65 like the rest of us do.