Thanks for all the help

Last week I asked for some help in mastering landings. I want to say thank you to all that took the time to offer their suggestions.

I went up with an instructor today and did some pattern work. There is no doubt that the tips I read helped me tremendously. I had the best day yet landing the SR-20. I’m feeling more comfortable and confident. Still have a little more practice to do, but the posts on this website really made a difference.

Thanks again!

Congrats! You will love it. Soon you will be over the transition and landing the 20 will feel easy and natural.

836C SR20

I am glad to hear the positive results. There was a discussion thread over on the Members Discussion Forum on the wisdom of offering specific flying advise on the public forum.

We are waiting to see “COPA Member” along with your ID. In the last three months there were 1094 posts on the Public Discussion Forum and 7264 posts on the Members Discussion Forum. The tips that you are talking about on the Public Discussion Forum are only just the small fraction of the total that is available.