Blind approaches

Good stuff Larry. An amazing approach into that Costa Rica strip landing towards the ocean that is so difficult to find.

There was one comment you had about lowering your polaroid glasses on short final into a mountain strip. I think you mentioned that you started using other types, but I did not catch what word you used for the type you thought was better. Can you say what they were?

I know there are many other pilots who fly into these strips and gravel bars as well. And I know that many of them probably do so without the benefit of a heads up AOA. So I wonder, how much difference an AOA makes to such highly-skilled pilots, including yourself, when making these approaches.

With your skill, could you safely duplicate these videos while flying the same plane with the AOA de-activated, or would you have to make adjustments due to the loss of AOA information? Would you still feel comfortable making the same approaches, or would you fly them differently?

Just curious whether AOA is merely learning tool, or whether it remains an important device even for those exceptionally skilled.

The glasses I refer to are Method Seven, they are specially designed for pilots, very high quality, titanium frame, flat temple legs,so does not interfere with the headset , so you dont loose any sound, high quality non polarized glass, so you can read all the digital displays easily.

I sent you a PM with a 20% discount code.(If anyone else wants this discount code , send me a PM)

Regarding the AoA, I have more than 2,000hrs with it, I bought it because in Costa Rica there were no backcountry instructors, so I had learn to fly the backcountry on my own, since the AoA enhances safety big time, and also allows you to get the most out of your plane, I bought it and really like it.

Definitely I wont be doing those extremely short gravel bars without the AoA, te difference is , the stall warning goes off , and you dont know how close to stalling you are, and with the AoA showing you exactly the amount of lift, you can hear the stall warning but you know how much lift you got.

Also AoA is not only for the backcountry, I bought a CJ6 military trainer, and the first thing I bought was an AoA, much more precise and safer.

Amazing video! Just curious if you have any problems taking off these very short strips? That would be a very short takeoff and soft field takeoff. Does your prop get a lot of chips from the small rocks?

I fly very light when going to those strips, and upgraded my engine to a Pponk with 280HP, takes off very short.

But I always consider the take off option before landing.

Hi Larry,
Great video. I am interested in the discount code for Method Seven if it is still active.
I still have yet to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.