Preinspection for SR22 2003

Hello guys

I am new to COPA. I am also in the process of buying a 2003 SR22. the plane is located in Hayward CA. Could any one suggest a few good and reliable service centers in the area for a pre-buy inspection!



Nitin, welcome.

In the bay area, you’ve got Advantage Aviation in PAO, but most people do their work in Woodland in Davis or TDL in Merced. Woodland seems to enjoy the best reputation, with some people disliking TDL (I am happy with them and my airplane is there right now).

But the best advice is to get Savvy manage your pre-buy.

Thanks Thomas, will look it up

If u need a local contact, I can put you in touch with a few DOMs. Also u know Pete Sandhu?


The pre-buy needs three things:

  • thoroughness and professionalism
  • type-specific expertise
  • an owner/operator perspective
    While choosing a good A&P will assure you the first two, practically no mechanic can adopt an owner/operator’s perspective. (A&Ps have expressed a different opinion in many members-only threads. With my 9 years of Cirrus ownership, during which I’ve been exposed to multiple A&Ps of varying competence, I remain comfortable with my stance.)

Savvy, whom Thomas recommends, comes close to having all three attributes. Especially if this is your first aircraft, and even if it is only your first Cirrus, expect them to pay their way. (Needless to add, I have no commercial interest in making this recommendation.)

If I can help answer any other concerns, my phone/email info is available on the members side.

Woodland is by far the best SC in NorCal and use this as your start of a pleasant and necessary SC relationship. Located at Yolo Couty (KDWA). If they have been servicing this plane then perhaps you would want another shop, but I’d suggest they are still the best and have the integrity to do what’s best for both client(s).
IMHO TDL is to be avoided. I was a long time customer, but they charge the same as Woodland and lack the organization, quality control and in my experience integrity. I’d do a chute pull before landing there. There is no reason to risk going there.


Since I’ve seen this multiple times now, it’s time to spell it out: IMHO you are not helping someone new to this at all by recommending “Savvy”. Do a Google search for the word and you’ll see what I mean. The company is called SavvyMX, it has a website at, it manages maintenance and prebuys. There!


Welcome! Joining COPA will be the best investment you made while becoming a Cirrus owner. I second the recommendation for SavvyMX.

We failed with English, but we’re attempting to weed out folks for whom Google is a second language.


I joined COPA about two weeks ago I promise you I got my money worth in the first 10 minutes! The members only area is information overload!

Since I have seen this multiple times now, it’s time to spell it out: IMHO you are not helping someone new to this at all by posting a web site address without making it a hot link in your post, like this: There!




IMHO, run, don’t walk, to SavvyMX. They are the best people to help you with this.

Also join COPA. At $65 a year it’s the best value in flying.

Point taken, but I posted from my iPad and don’t know how to do it from there. There. [:P]


You use and [/ ] as follows:


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this is so helpful. I didnt realize I will get so many responses within a day. Greatly appreciate your comments. I am contacting Savvy today!!