Purchasing an SR20- pre-buy inspection

Newbie Mike here. Just had an offer accepted on an SR20 in the Dayton area and seeking recommendations for a well qualified resource to perform a pre-purchase inspection.

all feedback is appreciated.

thank you!

Great choice, Mike! You’re going to love it!

What year SR20?

I highly recommend Lone Mountain. They have a good service center in the Dayton area.

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High Michael!

Many of us use the Savvy pre-buy service (Click here). They will manage the pre purchase inspection and help you pick a shop. They will also review the logs for you and look for red flags. For many of us it is worth the money to have professionals help guide us through the process.

Good luck and welcome to the Cirrus Life!

Thanks Brian. Call made to Ryan at Lone Mountain.

Erica, the SR20 is a 2002 with about 600 hours TT, standard 430 avionics pkg with MFD. appears to be very well kept cosmetically but anxious to get a GOOD mechanic under the hood to determine motor condition and check for corrosion etc. always hangared, 1 owner a/c but lived in Florida. Last a/c was a turbo Trinidad which I loved to fly but maintenance was just over the top expensive.

are you flying a 20 or 22?

With that low TT on a 2002, expect you will need an overhaul, which may not be a bad thing if you get enough of a discount on the plane. A new engine you break in from hour 1 may be a good situation if the rest of the airframe is good. I’m going through an OH now that wasn’t expected based on time or hours flown, 3 years after buying my 20. In hindsight I would have probably saved time, money and aggravation doing it differently. Make sure they borescope the cylinders. Lots more advice in the member side…

You will not be disappointed with Ryan. Please tell him I said hello and also to Mark Rogers.