Pre-Purchase Inspection

I am curious what suggestions COPA members may have for someone looking to purchase a SR20 and having a pre-purchase inspection performed. Ideally, I would like to have the inspection performed by a certified Cirrus service center at the airport where I intend on keeping the aircraft; however, I have run into several snags when trying to close a deal because of distance restrictions imposed by the seller. If I was to have Savvy or other qualified service center perform the work, do you recommend test flight in the same location? Thank you in advance for your help! Michael

I used Savvy 3 years ago and was pleased with their assistance. Of course use a mechanic other then the one who serviced the plane in the past. I hired a Cirrus instructor to fly the plane to the service center for the annual since I had not completed my transition training. The CSIP did the test flight and performed a more thorough inspection then I could have at that time.

Working through a competant broker can also help you speed up the process by relaying your expectations to the buyer.

Savvy doesn’t actually perform the inspection, but they will guide you to have it done by an appropriate facility and in many other ways to make sure you don’t have any surprises. I’d engage them and let them help you through the whole purchase process. They can advise you on the test flight, too.