Planing a trip around the world...

Good Evening all,

I’d just like some advice, I’ve been in the process of planing a trip around the world to raise money for Breast Cancer.

I’ve looked at a few aircraft put seem to be drawn back to Cirrus Aircraft ( Fell in love with them a few years back)

What I’d like to know is what you recommend to under take this trip?



Welcome on board!
Thank you for thinking of a noble cause.
In our group we have few pilots extremely expert at flying across oceans.
The Flight Academy headed by John Fiscus concentrates some of them. Hopefully they will chime in with advice for you.

May want to post in the members’ area as many members don’t look at the Guest Discussion forum.

I did a LOT of planning for a RTW flight in a Cirrus, but never did it. As others have suggested, join-up with COPA and post in the members section and I bet you will get some good advice.