European Chapter

Dear All,

Let me first wish you all a Merry Christmas and New Year.

Now down to business…

I hope you all had time to read Marty’s refelctions on 2002 and noted his comments about Local Chapters of COPA.

I would like to propose the formation of a Euopean Chapter. My logic is simple, its a long way to CD and the States, so we should make maximum use out of the growing European network of owners and interested individuals such as myself.

I suggest Europe, but it may transpire that we need to split up into countries, but lets take it one step at a time.

I offer myself as a focal point for initial responses, I have already spoken to Marty and we need to consider the following as ‘a starter for 10’.

  1. Would you be interested in joining a European COPA Chapter?
  2. Would you will be willing to help in forming a chapter and in what capacity?
  3. What benefits (or drawbacks) do you see comming from the formation of a European Chapter?

Once sufficient feedback has been received, and assuming the feedback is positive, we can then set some goals and generate an informal organisation.

So if the guys from Eurpoe can take some time off from the Christmas Pudd and answer those questions we can make a start.

I sugest that the fly-in at Turweston held last year proved the value of a European ‘Network’. We had the chance to review the Avidyne and exchanged notes and good ideas. Some folk had the opportunity to look at the Cirrus up close and perhaps were encouraged to investigate the purchase of a new machine inthe future.

There are bound to be some issues that are different in the UK compared with the states, for example the use of trustees to register the aircraft.

If we know where everyone is based in Europe, then we could set up a scheme were pilots who would like to have a look at the Cirrus, but can’t get accross to the states or visit General Aviation could be directed to ‘the nearest Cirrus to them’.

Primarily, it’s an oportunity to have more frequent get togethers, have fun and talk Cirrus!

Why would I benefit? I’m not a pilot, but I am the Cuirrus historian for Air Britain, you would not believe the unique information I am able to collect as a result of being part of this forum.

I certainly enjoyed being part of the Turweston event and am more than willing to do more of the same. The benefit of me being involved from your perspective is that I don’t have to worry about getting the airplane ready for any flights, so I can concentrate on the ‘domestics’.

Please think this all over and mail me when you have the time on


Paul Rushton